[Spambayes] Just a thought...

skip@pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Dec 6 21:09:45 CET 2005

    Rick> SpamBayes mostly works on my email, but occasionally an important
    Rick> message from one of my business partners gets sent to the
    Rick> questionable mail folder. I don't want this to ever happen, not
    Rick> even one time.

The usual solution to this problem is to filter out those messages either
before SpamBayes sees them or to file them before checking the score
SpamBayes adds to the message.  I do this in procmail (I'm a Unix weenie)
for some stuff I know ain't spam, but if you're an Outlook user you should
be able to do it there as well.  YMMV with other mail user agents, but
anything respectable (Apple Mail, Eudora, etc) probably has a similar


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