[Spambayes] help please????

Tim Stone tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Thu Dec 8 03:37:44 CET 2005

There is a configuration step you have to run, it should be in the 
instructions.  You open a browser and go to http://localhost:8880 . That 
will bring up some a config panel that you'll need to put your pop3 
server name, port, and some other stuff.  It's loaded with plenty of 
help text, so you shouldn't have much problem.  Also, check the 
spambayes readme.txt file that was installed with spambayes.

Coralie Downie wrote:

>I know I sound really hopeless, but I was just wondering if you could 
>help me get spambayes up and running.
>I have gone through the installation guide for outlook express, but 
>when i put my incoming pop 3 to localhost, then ask to send/receive, 
>outlook express seems to be looking at my emails, and says that it is 
>receiving, but nothing seems to happen, the pop 3 times out each time.
>Have I done something wrong, it all seems pretty basic to me.
>or do i have to do that part about installing the service??????
>Any help you could give me would be appreciated.
>Am running windows xp, with latest version of spambayes off the pc 
>user mag. disk.
>Have a d-link router attached to my broadband modem, have avg 
>antivirus and zone alarm firewall installed. am using optus which has 
>pop 3 of mail.optusnet.com.au
>SpamBayes at python.org
>Check the FAQ before asking: http://spambayes.sf.net/faq.html

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