[Spambayes] Sharing database among multiple IMAP clients?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Dec 9 01:01:18 CET 2005

> My question is: how can I (and should I, even) share the training data
> between the two locations?  Ideally I'd like to maintain just one
> database, since this will all be a single set of mail; otherwise I'd
> have to repeat the same training at home and at work.

Firstly, I agree with Jesse that it's really not worth sharing the  
databases - just train each one separately and you should have good  

> 1. Manually copy the database file(s) from one location to the other.
> There are several variations on this.  I could just do the initial
> training in one location and copy to the other, then maintain each
> database separately thereafter, expecting the follow-on training to  
> take
> much less work.

Note that we don't recommend doing any initial training.  We  
recommend only training on any mistakes and unsures.

> 2. Maintain the database file(s) on a server somewhere.

If you do want to do this, then a good choice would be to use ZEO,  
for which there is already a (relatively untested) storage system  
written for SpamBayes.  There're also mySQL and postgreSQL options.

> 3. Carry a little USB drive around with me, and keep the DB on that.
> (Does the DB get too big for this to be practical?)

Depends how big the USB drive is <wink>.  This should work fine.

> 4. Super Crazy Ninja Trick?: enhance the SpamBayes IMAP proxy with the
> ability to maintain a DB in a folder on the IMAP server, download it
> before beginning filtering, and upload it whenever it is modified.  If
> this seems productive, and the feature doesn't yet exist, I'd be happy
> to add it if I can find the time.

Storing the database remotely in some other way (e.g. ZEO) would be a  
more sensible method, IMO.


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