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douglas cohn douglas.cohn at inetservers.com
Fri Dec 9 20:54:50 CET 2005

Oh yea  one more thing to be clear

My Outlook rule says to move anything from ddfsyslog at ddf-lab.com to the
Syslog folder (which exists) and then to stop processing all rules.  This is
the first rule in my list.  If I test this rule as I mentioned it works

My Outlook Junk is NO Automatic filtering and I have specifically added
@ddf-lab.com into my safe senders folder just to be sure it does not get

I also run Mcafee Enterprise 8i and I have nothing in those logs showing it
moves mail  (and it doesn't move mail jusually but quarantines messages to
the quarantine folder.

Very weird but I am sure there is an answer somewhere

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[douglas cohn]
> For the life of me I do not understand what I need to do to prevent 
> messages with a score of 0% from going into my Junkmail folder. ...

I don't believe SpamBayes is moving these messages into your Junkmail folder
to begin with.  There's nothing in the log file saying that SpamBayes
classified the message as spam, the SpamBayes score is as hammy as is
possible to get (0%), and when you train on one of these the log says
something like:

    Unable to determine source folder for message 'Daily Syslog statistics
         for Fri, 09 Dec 2005' - restoring to Inbox

If SpamBayes had moved the message to begin with, SpamBayes would have
remembered which folder the message came from to begin with.

To verify one way or the other, try turning SpamBayes off (SpamBayes
-> SpamBayes Manager ... -> remove the check mark next to "Enable
SpamBayes" -> click Close).  I bet these messages still end up in your
Junkmail folder then.

If so, you have some other gimmick that's moving your messages.  Can't guess
what from here, though.  Perhaps you have an Outlook rule that moves them,
or perhaps Outlook's builtin junk filter is moving them (try turning that
off), or perhaps you installed something else ...
there's no way to tell from here.  Whatever, I see no evidence that
SpamBayes is moving them, but do see evidence that SpamBayes is not moving

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