[Spambayes] Need Help

Tim Stone tim at aterraform.com
Wed Dec 14 01:00:36 CET 2005

To get the spambayes proxy to work correctly, you'll need to configure 
Eudora to get its mail from the proxy.  Eudora will use localhost as its 
mail server, and a port that you chose.  We suggest either 110 or 8110.  
Put this port number into Eudora. Then bring up the spambayes pop3proxy 
configuration panel by opening a browser to http://localhost:8880, 
clicking the configuration tab, and entering the pertinent information.  
This will include the mail server that you get your mail from, in this 
case mail.comcast.com.  If it asks for a port for mail.comcast.com, that 
would be 110.

The Shepps wrote:

>I am trying to get the installation of spambayes filtering to work.
>I'm running xp using internet exployer, and Eudora 7. I have comcast 
>for my ISP and I have arouter. My antivirus is Norton 2005.
>I've loaded the program and have the icon in my tray but I'm not sure 
>about the incoming mail server...I put in ....mail.comcast.net.... 
>and ....8110 ...for the spambays port. I don't find any mail that 
>gets to the spambays program.
>What do I need to do???
>Thanks for any help you can direct me to or that you can give me.
>sheppmates at ortn.net
>SpamBayes at python.org
>Check the FAQ before asking: http://spambayes.sf.net/faq.html

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