[Spambayes] Offer to help

Baruch baruch at blessedb.org
Wed Dec 14 09:24:56 CET 2005


I recently downloaded and installed the SpamBayes program, and I am quite
pleased by it.  It works very well.  It "learns" from my examples, and the
numbers of errors is diminishing as I correct its mistakes.  This is a great

I see that you were asking for some help with documentation.  This is what I
am offering.  I have some skill with writing, and good familiarity with
programming concepts, POP3 protocol, the various RFC's for it, and all that
good stuff.  I have some knowledge of statistics and Bayesian statistics.  I
believe that I am in a good position to write some documentation that would
be accurate, yet simple enough for non-programmers (and other non-IT people)
to grasp.  At any rate, I'm willing to give it a try.

Please tell me what sort of documentation you would like, or what
information you want discussed, that isn't out there already.  Or, if there
is some and it needs to be reworked, tell me what *that* is.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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