[Spambayes] how to change the prefix "spam, " in the subject line?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Dec 15 04:45:48 CET 2005

> In the windows version of spambayes (current version), which  
> configuration file do I have to check to change the prefix of the  
> spam message's subject. According to the default settings and  
> config, the subject line is prefix with "spam,". I want to change  
> it to something like "{***SPAM***}.

You need to change the header_ham_string/header_spam_string/ 
header_unsure_string values.  In the configuration file, you'd want  
something like:


IIRC, using this in conjunction with the notate subject/to option is  
broken in 1.0.x.  It's fixed in 1.1a1, but sb_server users shouldn't  
use 1.1a1 for other reasons.  That leaves waiting for 1.1a2 (soon,  
hopefully), or using CVS.


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