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Sassone, Terry tsassone at pulseeng.com
Fri Dec 16 18:31:42 CET 2005

The folder is being created by Exchange 2003.  It creates a Junk E-Mail
folder, if you have Spambayes installed it creates the name Junk


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[Terry Sassone]
> Have you seen where Spambayes keeps creating a second Junk E-mail
> folder
> called "Junk E-mail1"  If you delete it, a few days later it comes  
> back.
> But no mails ever gets sent there??

There is no code in SpamBayes that can do this (since it's open- 
source, you can check if you like).  The configuration wizard will  
create a folder named (exactly) "Junk E-Mail" if you wish, or you can  
manually create folders in the folder dialogs, but there's otherwise  
no code to create folders.  "Junk E-mail1" isn't anywhere in the code  

[Daniel Rose]
> I also have this problem in Office 2002 on Windows 2000 across a
> number
> of computers, so you are not alone.  It's not very common though,  
> maybe
> 5% of the installed base?

The most likely explanation is that these users have something else  
installed that is doing this (perhaps a previous spam filter).   
Perhaps you and Terry could work together to figure out what the  
common denominator is.

To demonstrate that it's not SpamBayes, if you disable SpamBayes (or  
uninstall it), you will find that the behaviour continues.  (Of  
course, you'll have to deal with spam some other way while you wait  
for it ;)


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