[Spambayes] I can't get the SpamBayes Tray Icon to show; so giving access to the Configuration

Harry Sigerson harrysigerson at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 17 20:44:48 CET 2005

Dear list, 
     I have been using SpamBayes for years, trouble free; getting the 
upgrades as they came and I've been using the v 1.0.4 since it 
arrived. It hasn't changed according to the updates facility in the 
spambayes tray icon, when I could reach it. 
     From time to time, with a long time between each, when the load 
of spam got too much, I'd get the database error message and start 
the retraining from scratch which took no time. 
     Recently for no reason that I can say for sure I've been getting 
that same database error every couple of days, but all I had to do 
was to exit Spambayes and reload and it was fit to carry on. 
     I had wondered if the new Norton AV2006 had had anything to do 
with SB's troubles. 
     Cutting to the chase. I tried for the first time ever to change 
from the  'dbm'  setting to the   'pickle'   setting as suggested in 
the FAQ sheets. 
     The effect of that was, the application wouldn't run - and, when 
I tried to right-click the tray icon to access the Configuration, to 
put the  'pickle' back to the 'dbm' setting, I could not get access 
to anything. The panel of control options that pops up to let you in, 
did not pop up. 
     So I had no access to anything. 
     I reinstalled SpamBayes, but that didn't help; still not access 
to Configuration pop-up. Also I wondered if I had reinstalled in the 
wrong folders - I don't thinks so -  I don't know, I can only say 
I've done this chore on a number of occasions with upgrades. 
     I downloaded SpamBayes .exe file from the Dublin and that came 
up as the file being corrupted. 
     So I went to SourceForge and got the   spambayes-1.0.4.exe    
file from the Kent mirror. 
     That has installed without any 'corrupted' message but again 
double clicking the desktop icon to set up the Tray Icon doesn't 
work. I suppose the setting  for 'pickle' is still in there somewhere 
and is still banjaxing SB? 
     I'm sorry about the length of this message. But I'm stuck and I 
don't know what to do or how to access Spambayes without that pop-up. 
     I've been using it for so long that I'm pressed to remember what 
I should change the 'localhost' setting on my email agent, 'Virtual 
Access' back to for new messages <s>. 
     This machine is running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2 and 
all the updates that MS can throw at me. 
     Regards, Harry Sigerson. 

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