[Spambayes] Configuring w/ AVG

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Dec 22 01:06:42 CET 2005

> The instructions say :"and set SpamBayes to collect mail from  
> localhost on that port, rather than from your mail server, and  
> forward to localhost (on any free port)"
> How the heck do you do this? If I simply put "localhost" in the  
> first box on the config screen, SpamBayes never sees the email.
> Explicit instructions for a dummy would help

The instructions next to the option on the config page are meant to  
be explicit (suggestions for improvement are gratefully received).

If you need to enter a port that isn't 110, then you put a colon and  
then the port.  For example, if SpamBayes should be collecting mail  
from localhost on port 8110, because that's where AVG is delivering  
it (you'll need to look in the mail client to know where it is coming  
from), then you'd put "localhost:8110" (no quotes) in the first box.

If AVG is using port 110 itself, then you'll have to get SpamBayes to  
use a different port.  In this case, you'd want to have  
"localhost" (no quotes) in the first box, and (e.g.) "8110" (no  
quotes) in the second.  Your mail client should then connect to  
localhost on port 8110.


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