[Spambayes] Message filtering problem

Peter Bonjernoor peter at zaph.nl
Thu Dec 22 14:36:56 CET 2005


first of all my compliments on your overall very reliable spam filter. The
only problem I rather regularly encounter is that not all messages are moved
correctly. As you can see in the enclosed logfile, the first message 'Re:
bitchy villein' is quite correctly classified as spam, but not moved to the
Junk EMail folder.

It's not uncommon that out of 150 emails half of that remain in my inbox,
even though they are spam. I hope you can fix this!

Kind regards and happy holidays,

Peter Bonjernoor

      Zaph Software & Webdesign
      Wolvenstraat 3
      3512 CG Utrecht
      Tel: +31 (0)6-45598216
      EMail: info at zaph.nl

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