[Spambayes] I've installed Norton AntiVirus 2006 and now Spambayes is struggling

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Sun Dec 25 07:09:11 CET 2005

On my machine I have to run the spambayes POP3 proxy since I won't touch 
microsoft lookout! or whatever that product is called.

All my mail clients are configured to tall to a pop3 port at port 3110 and 
smtp at port 3025.

Spambayes is configured to listen there and talk to my ISP on 110 and 25.

My mail clients expect pop3 at localhost:3110 and smtp at localhost:3025

Once I installed NAV2005 I expected problems, but I was able to work them 
out. Outbound mail passes though the spambayes proxy first, then to NAV. 
Coming in, it's the reverse, it's handled by NAV first, then classified by 

YMMV, but it works for me.

I also maintain a second parameter file for my mail client that goes 
straight to ports 110 and 25, so if I'm having problems with spambayes, I 
can bypass it by using an icon that invokes a different start-up of the 
mail client. Yes, Eudora is that flexible. No, I haven't used that second 
parameter file, except to test it, in about a year.

At 01:11 PM 12/24/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm sorry, but it isn't clear to me what question you're asking.  110 is
>the standard pop3 port, and 25 is the standard smtp port.  Does that
>answer your question?
>Harry Sigerson wrote:
> >Dear Mailing list,
> >     I may be blaming NAV2006 (which I recently upgraded to) for this
> >next when it is not its fault. I'm saying this because I've been
> >using the earlier NAV2004 and an even earlier version of NAV for
> >years and there has been no conflict.
> >
> >     I use the OLR 'Virtual Access' as my email agent and of course
> >during all the time that it was running fine I was using the
> >'localhost' setting in the SpamBayes POP3 and SMTP servers' fields;
> >and of course putting the POP3 & SMTP Proxy Options in the
> >Configuration page.
> >     I've got the 'SpamBayes Ports:' field in the POP3 Proxy Options
> >set to 110; its always been set at that.
> >     In the SMTP Proxy Options that to has its SpamBayes Ports: set
> >to 110 {though frankly in the bit of messing about in which I've done
> >trying to fix why SpamBayes stopped working well, I can't remember if
> >it has always been set at 110?
> >     Perhaps it should be set to 25 (a number comes out of the mists)
> >- I'll go and try that...
> >     ...I've tried that 25 in the SMTP Proxy Options and I've tried
> >the 110. Both seem to work in the sense that the blink does not break
> >down. Perhaps it doesn't matter which is used?
> >     Of course what I may simply be short of is messages all there is
> >so far in this new start is about half a dozen messages all of which
> >have been trained as 'ham'.
> >     I guess I'll send this off in any case, if only to have that
> >110/25 question resolved.
> >
> >     Regards,
> >     Harry Sigerson.
> >
> >
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