[Spambayes] Uninstall

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Dec 30 02:00:22 CET 2005

> I decided to buy and install MacAfee security system.  I did an  
> uninstall on Spambayes.  I  mainly just want all my needs met with  
> a single manufacturer.  MacAfee is working fine as was Spambayes  
> but now I keep getting a dialog box that says cannot move mail to  
> “junk suspects” folder and I have to hit ok.  How can I get rid of  
> this.  I would have thought I would have gotten a clean uninstall  
> but that isn’t really the point.  Just need help removing any  
> remnants of Spambayes.

Is this definitely SpamBayes that's presenting that dialog? (I don't  
recall any such dialog).  Did you remove SpamBayes via the Add/Remove  
Programs Control Panel?

Is the SpamBayes toolbar still in Outlook?  If you click on it, does  
it respond?  Are SpamBayes log files still created?


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