[Spambayes] IMAP problem

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 2 04:25:53 CET 2005

> I guess the 1.1 sb_imapfilter is part of the "CVS" version? 
> (I've no idea what that means, but will make the time to research
> it out.)

CVS is (in a nutshell) a version control system that lets a group of
developers work on the same code at the same time.  It can have 'branches'
of the code, which is a convenient way to manage developing multiple
versions at the same time.  So at the moment there is a "1.0.x" branch,
which is what gets made into the 1.0.x releases, and there is the "HEAD"
(default) branch, which is where the main development takes place.  When 1.1
is released, it will be based on the code in CVS Head.

To get hold of the code in CVS, follow the instructions here:


(Actually, IMO, the easiest way with Windows is to get TortoiseCVS and then
just paste in the CVSROOT from the above page).


> OK, here's an edited screenscrape of 6 messages being 
> processed, all of which were both copied to the SUSPECT or UNSURE
> folders (and left in the INBOX showing the flag for deletion status).
> Further copies of all six were also left in the INBOX without the
> delete flag.
> I left only the "append" section of the screen text for each message 
> processed, except for the last one in case there's something 
> relevant there.

Was something meant to be attached here?  I didn't get anything...

>> If it all appears as it should, then maybe we should try STORE'ing 
>> flags for a message manually, and seeing if that works.
> If you think we should try that, please let me know how, I've 
> never chatted directly with an IMAP server <g>.

:)  It's not that tricky if you know the commands.  Basically you open up a
command prompt (DOS prompt, command window, shell, or whatever you like to
call it) and type "telnet imap.server.address 143" then various commands.
(e.g. "login username password", "select inbox", etc).


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