Thanks! Re: [Spambayes] Error starting SB server

Roland Hiemstra rols at
Thu Feb 3 09:06:46 CET 2005

Thank you! That was it.

Great prog by the way.


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>> I'm having trouble starting the sb_server, sb_tray.
>> This is most likely my fault... i changed the data
>> directory but to a non existent and most likely
>> an invalid pathname (typo :).
> Hmm... I suppose we ought to check that the paths are valid when they are
> set, although that's a bit tricky since it's valid to set them to a
> non-existent file if, e.g., you want to start a new db.
>> I have uninstalled and
>> reinstalled but no luck so far. Have also been searching
>> the registry for relevant settings but i'm probably
>> missing somthing.
> The paths are stored in the configuration file.  By default on Windows 
> this
> will be in the '\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application
> Data\SpamBayes\Proxy' directory, and will be called 'bayescustomize.ini'.
> If you open that up it should be simple enough to edit anything invalid 
> (or
> you can just delete the file and start afresh).
>> Inlcuded is the log file.
> [...]
>>  File "bsddb\__init__.pyc", line 293, in hashopen
>> bsddb._db.DBNoSuchFileError: (2, 'No such file or directory')
> This does look like what you describe...
> =Tony.Meyer
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