[Spambayes] Speeding up Outlook plugin

Alejandro Miguel Martin Dunn alejandro.martin at cigb.edu.cu
Tue Feb 8 03:35:21 CET 2005

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to speed up processing of messages by SB? 

I've been receiving quite a bit of spam lately (400-500 per day) and
since I only check e-mail just a couple of times a day, every time
Outlook is run I either have to put up with sluggish performance (while
SB grinds on with the 'Background Filtering' option enabled), or wait
until SB finishes up ('Background filtering' disabled). 

However, some time ago I heard some talk here on the list about
sb_bnfilter.py/sb_bnserver.py and how using them would shorten
processing time (I remember very impressing figures, at least an order
of magnitude faster). Is there any way of using them with the Outlook

Running Windows XP SP1 here, Outlook 2002 SP2, with the 1.0.3 SB plugin.


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