[Spambayes] Errors with selecting other databases

Geoffrey T. Cheshire gtc at cheshirelaw.com
Tue Feb 15 04:52:37 CET 2005

OK -- thanks for the tip.  I'll look into that.

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> Hi all.  I'm running SpamBayes 1.0.3 proxy (not OL plugin) on Windows
> 2000 Pro using Python 2.4.  Whenever I pick a different database (I 
> tried MySQL and pickle), I get this error:
> 500 Server error
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "spambayes\storage.pyc", line 114, in load
> EOFError

IIRC, 1.0.x won't let you change the database type via the web interface if
you don't change the name as well (this is a bug) because it will try to
open the existing database as the new format, which won't work.  Making the
change, removing the existing file, and restarting (or using a different
name; except that I think the name and type are on different pages), should
work, I believe.


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