[Spambayes] trouble

Lena lena at valu-line.net
Sun Jan 2 02:08:44 CET 2005

I am using windows XP, I down loaded the spambayes, and it is on the start up, but nothing in the out look express. when I went to your help and seen this, 
  a.. If you are running Outlook XP/2002/2003, you may find that if you go back to the dialog, the addin will still be unselected.  In this case, perform the following: 
    1.. Go to Help->About Microsoft Outlook.  

    2.. Click the Disabled Items button. 

    3.. Select SpamBayes.  
    4.. Click Enable. 
    5.. Restart Outlook. 
when I go to help and about outlook express there is nothing to click or unclick either way.
so now I do not know how to get the spam filter to work.
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