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Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Sun Jan 2 09:53:45 CET 2005

Don't waste your time on creating Outlook rules for vicodin (or xanax, or
whatever) - the spammers change the spelling constantly, exactly to avoid
such rules. So you get v|codin, v!c0din, etc., etc. - it's a lost cause. My
experience (and other SB users') shows that it's better to let SpamBayes
tokenize the whole message - since the spammer must tell you more details
about the stuff he's hawking, those pieces will most probably trigger SB.


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> Thanks for replying. I figured out the problem...

Good to hear :)

> It'd be nice, though, if there 
> was an option where you could put words manually in the 
> filter that AUTOMATICALLY make an email marked as spam. For 
> instance, I'd be able to enter 'vicoden' and any email with 
> that word gets marked as spam. It never comes up in personal 
> emails, only spam. Or at least weight the spam probability priority.

This sort of thing isn't ever likely to make it into SpamBayes (it
essentially works by doing this in a cleverer way).  However, you can do it
manually with Outlook's rules.  Just create a rule that looks for (eg)
'vicoden' in the message body, and moves any such message to the same junk
folder that SpamBayes uses.  Outlook's rules run before SpamBayes, so won't
get in the way of this.


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