[Spambayes] Changing mail client to connect to "localhost"

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jan 3 04:39:08 CET 2005

> I'm confused about localhost 110 vs localhost 8880.

"localhost" means your machine.  110 and 8880 are two different (software)
ports - SpamBayes uses port 110 to host the POP3 proxy, and port 8880 to
host the web interface.  So connecting to your machine (localhost) on port
110 will (should!) get you to the POP3 proxy, and connecting to your machine
(localhost) on port 8880 will get your to the web interface.  The majority
of the various items in the Tray application just open up a browser window
to the appropriate localhost:8880 address.

> SpamBayes server 2:  "Service not available. Using thread.
> URLError: <urlopen error (7, 'getaddrinfo failed')>"
[...trying to telnet to localhost:110...]
> I tried this, and got the error message:
>             Can't connect to pop3.lepton.neu.edu:110:  <7, 
> 'get addrinfo failed'>

It's failing to find the pop3.lepton.neu.edu site.  Is that definitely
correct?  (I can find lepton.neu.edu, but not pop3.lepton.neu.edu, so maybe
it should be that?).  Otherwise I'm guessing that there's something special
about that address (only machines where you are can get to it, or there's a
special lookup for it on your machine).

Try using lepton.neu.edu instead of pop3.lepton.neu.edu in the SpamBayes
configuration, and see if that works.  If not, try using the IP address

 1. Open a command prompt (e.g Start->Run->cmd.exe)
 2. Type ping pop3.lepton.neu.edu

The IP address will be in the response looking like "Pinging pop.ihug.co.nz
[]" (the bit you want is the bit.  Try using
that instead of pop3.lepton.neu.edu in the SpamBayes configuration.


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