[Spambayes] Re: Incorrectly sorting messages

robert.vasquez at WolgastCorporation.com robert.vasquez at WolgastCorporation.com
Mon Jan 3 18:34:49 CET 2005

> my rule in Outlook processes
> If I click on 'statistics' I get the following message:
>  Statistics SpamBayes has processed zero messages 
> If I click on 'review messages' to 'train on proxied messages', the
> following comes up:
>  No untrained messages 
>  There are no untrained messages to display. Return Home, or 
> check again.

>Are you using the Outlook plug-in, by any chance?  If so, then you
>be using the web interface at all - everything is handled within Outlook
>the SpamBayes Manager dialog.  The web interface shouldn't even be
>if the plug-in is, unless you overrode the defaults.

>If you're not sure how to use the plug-in, please ask us any questions you
>may have and we will try to help.

>If you're not using the plug-in, please let us know which version of
>SpamBayes you are using, and give us a copy of your log files, as they may
>have errors indicating the problem.

No, I am not using the Outlook plug in. I'm using a Windows 2000/Outlook
2000 client PC. It connects to the pop3proxy running on a Slackware 9.1

I'm using version 1.0.1
One error message that pops up on my linux system console is:

Traceback (most recent call last):  File "sb_server.py", line 471, in onRetr
msg.setPayload(messageText)  File
"/usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/spambayes/message.pin setPayload
prs._parseheaders(self, fp)AttributeError: Parser instance has no attribute

Which log files would be helpful to post? Again, the filter is working, but
I wish to do more training and it would be easier to do it via the web
interface on messages that have already passed through it.

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