[Spambayes] No Spam in my MS outlook Suspect or Junk emails Why

karlb karlb at dslnorthwest.net
Mon Jan 3 21:05:37 CET 2005

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My question does not fit any category that I'm aware of, can you help???
About three weeks ago (mid December) suddenly all Spam ceased in one day. No
Spam was being stored in the "Junk E-Mail"  folder or in the "Suspect Junk
E-Mail" folder. Prior to this day I was receiving 50 to 100 Spams per day in
these two folders and a few that sneaked thru but having trained the
program, I could live with these few and could quickly peruse the Junk files
in the two folders mentioned. On the plus side, no Spam on the negative side
I cannot verify good mail being rejected as Spam.
Your response will be most appreciative
Karl Bruck
karlb at dslnorthwest.com

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