[Spambayes] Adv.Conf.-Interface: Headers to Display, spam%

Manuel Hewitt mhewitt at web.de
Mon Jan 3 21:28:51 CET 2005

Hallo Tony,

> You shouldn't have to - the configuration should take effect as soon as you
> save it.  However, maybe the browser has the current review page cached?  If
> you change the options and then force the browser to reload the review page,
> does that fix it?

Nope, I tried clearing the browser cache, reload, shift-reload.
Everytime i change the view of the review page it goes back to the
default settings.
But... i did some more testing and it works 100% of the time if i
close spambayes and restart it.
It seems that Spambayes has to read the ini-file to work with the
settings i enter.
Best regards,

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