[Spambayes] No Spam in my MS outlook Suspect or Junk emails Why

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 4 00:53:25 CET 2005

> About three weeks ago (mid December) suddenly all Spam
> ceased in one day. No Spam was being stored in the "Junk E-Mail"
> folder or in the "Suspect Junk E-Mail" folder. Prior to this
> day I was receiving 50 to 100 Spams per day in these two
> folders and a few that sneaked thru but having trained the
> program, I could live with these few and could quickly peruse
> the Junk files in the two folders mentioned. On the plus side,
> no Spam on the negative side I cannot verify good mail being
> rejected as Spam.

Is SpamBayes still running (i.e. you can select the Manager from the
SpamBayes menu)?  If so, check your most recent log (the troubleshooting
guide explains where they can be found).  It should have an entry for each
message that it receives, indicating whether it was ham/unsure/spam, and
what was done with it.

If everything is still working, but there are no spam messages listed in the
log, then it sounds most like someone upstream of your (e.g. your ISP)
turned on some sort of spam filtering for you, which has wiped it out.  This
is either good for you (you can stop worrying about using any spam filter)
or bad (if their filtering results in any false positives and you can't get
that mail back).


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