[Spambayes] possible bug with spambayes?

Volkmar Junge junge at wimo.com
Thu Jan 6 12:36:01 CET 2005


I found no hint in your FAQs so better to send a mail....

I'm having the outlook plugin and it makes me REALLY happy... just ONE

My outlook connects to the mailserver every 3 mins to look for mails (POP3).
No problem at all.

But when I switch on the computer in the morning maybe 50 mails arrive the
same time.
In this case, there is NO spamfiltering! All spam remains in the inbox.

Win98SE (never touch a running system!), outlook 2000.
Outlook is included in the autostart folder.

A log file attached.

you guys are doing a great job... best spamfilter and best outlook
integration I found!

best regards

Volkmar Junge
WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH, Am Gaexwald 14, 76863 Herxheim, Germany
Tel. (+49)  7276 96680   FAX (+49)  7276 6978
http://www.wimo.com   e-mail: junge at wimo.com

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