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> Since you're retraining, you might also like to try the "use_bigrams"
> option, which generally gives good results (and should be good with randomly
> appended words) and reduces the required training time.  If you'd like to do
> this, open the file "default_bayes_customize.ini" in your data directory
> (create one if there isn't one already) in a text editor (like notepad or
> wordpad).  Add these lines (excluding the """) to the end of the file:
> """
> [Classifier]
> x-use_bigrams:True
> """

Some users may find it confusing to have to add specifications to a (possibly missing) configuration file. I suggest that you include a configuration file in every release, with all possible options specified but commented out. (Ideally, the comments would include a brief explanation of each item.) Then you could simply advise the user to (for example) "uncomment the x-use_bigrams option".


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