[Spambayes] problem on NetBSD

Michael Davidson mdavids at bantha.org
Thu Jan 6 14:50:35 CET 2005

I'm running spambayes 1.0 on NetBSD 2, and I'm run into a slight problem.

By default, python on NetBSD is built without the bsddb module. The bsddb3
module can be installed using the standard NetBSD package system, and this
is what I have done. 

The problem is that the whichdb module returns 'dbhash' for databases
created with the bsddb3 module. This means that spambayes tries to import
bsddb, and dies. 

I have noticed that in dbmstorage.py there is this code:

if sys.platform == "win32" and sys.version_info < (2,3) and \
           dbm_type == "dbhash":
    dbm_type = "db3hash"

This is basically what I have to do to get spambayes working on my system.

Is this a bug that should be fixed in the whichdb module, or a bug in
spambayes? I don't know anything about Berkeley databases, so I don't know
what's going wrong in whichdb. I know a little bit more about how
spambayes decides which modules to use, so I thought I'd try it here

If there are any other NetBSD users who have encountered this problem, I
would love to hear how you solved it. 


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