[Spambayes] Refresh rate

Chris Jared chris at mercury-projects.co.nz
Thu Jan 6 21:15:45 CET 2005

Hi Team,
I have just installed the outlook plug-in on my new machine (P4, 3GHz, XP prof) after some months running it on my old machine (P3, 800MHz, W2K prof)
Both incarnations had/have ofiice 2000 premium SP1.

On my new machine, the refresh rate when moving emails between folders is much slower when moving from Inbox to either "Junk" or "Suspects" or in response to clicking the "delete as spam" or "recover from spam" buttons. All other 
Case 1: Assume one entry in "Junk". I click the "recover" button. It can take 10~15 seconds before the entry shifts to the inbox. This is not "learning" time as, if I change folders immediately after clicking, the entry move is shown at the same time.
Case 2: Assume multiple entries in "Junk". Select the first entry, click "Recover" - no immediate response. select the second entry, click "recover", both move at once.
Case 3: Open outlook in the morning, 20+ emails (mostly spam) are in the inbox. I assume they are moved to either "Junk" or "Suspect" immediately after being processed, but "appear" to move in blocks of 5 or 6.

Is there any way to make the refresh immediate like it was on my old slower machine, or is it a timing issue that I'm stuck with???


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