[Spambayes] Virus Bearing Attachments

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 7 05:02:21 CET 2005

> Is there a way to avoid antivirus checks as
> SpamBayes does its work?  I have a colleague who
> is trying out your software, but every time it
> identifies/moves spam which contains a virus, she gets an alert.

Is this the Outlook plug-in or sb_server?  The easiest thing, if possible,
would be to get the anti-virus software to run over the mail first, removing
any virii, before SpamBayes gets hold of it.

Alternatively, with sb_server, you might be able to tell the anti-virus
software not to bother checking one particular folder (the SpamBayes data
directory), and that would solve it.


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