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Robert Mezzone RMezzone at PJSolomon.com
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The BB synch with corporate email is immediate. There isn't much you do to
delay it, I haven't been able to find a setting on the BB server. However,
the following will work in a corporate environment with wireless email
reconciliation turned on. Never tested in a standalone configuration..

Make the Junk Email and Junk Suspects folders subfolders of the Inbox and
have the BB software synch your Inbox and it's subfolders. Set the handheld
to hide filed messages. The email will be delivered to the handheld.
Spambayes will process the messages and move it if necessary. After a few
minutes the BB will do a wireless synch and move it to the corresponding
folder on the BB. With filed messages hidden the message disappears, but
still exists on the handheld.

The nice thing is, you can view the messages in the junk-suspects folder on
the BB. If it's HAM, file it in the BB's Inbox, a wireless synch will occur,
move it to the Outlook Inbox and Spambayes will retrain on the message. Same
will work if you file it in the Junk-Email. folder on the BB.

So you can actually train Spambayes from a BB....



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> I am using a Blackberry device where my mails are
> re-directed from my inbox to my BB. Is there a parameter
> I can set to receive also my mails without the spam on my BB.
> Actually I am not sure how this work, Some seem to be
> filtered and other not. Is it related with the delay factor?

The way things work (by default) is that SpamBayes waits for a certain
amount of time after Outlook tells it that there is a new message in a
folder that is being watched before doing any filtering.  The intent is that
during this time all Outlook rules are processed (any messages that are
moved are not filtered - unless they land in another folder that is being
watched).  The default timer values ought to work in most cases, but can be
adjusted in the Advanced tab of the SpamBayes Manager.

Without the timer system, what happens is that it is completely unknown
whether, for any given new message, SpamBayes will get to it first, or
Outlook's rules will get to it first, or whether they'll try and access it
at the same time.  This causes lots of difficulties, so we do the best we
can, and ensure that SpamBayes runs last.

The "some seem to be filtered and other[s are] not", I suspect is because
whatever causes the Blackberry sync (is this an Outlook rule or something
that the Blackberry software does? I don't have any experience with them
myself) to occur happens around the same time as SpamBayes is processing.
Adjusting the timer values may help with this.

If you can get the Blackberry sync to wait a bit longer, then that will
probably mean that spam messages are out of the folder, and so aren't
transferred.  I don't know if this is possible, though.

In the longer term, the upcoming SpamBayes 1.1 release includes an option
that lets you move good messages into a folder, like spam messages are moved
into the spam folder.  You can use this (this is one of the main reasons for
the addition) to then just have the Blackberry sync that good folder, into
which all the good mail and no spam will arrive.


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