[Spambayes] (no subject)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jan 9 23:57:25 CET 2005

> I am having a problem with Spam deleting items that I wish to 
> keep.

SpamBayes is likely to need ongoing training as the mail that you receive
changes.  It is important that you train on any mistakes that are made (and
possibly also mail that ends up in the unsure (Possible Junk) folder.

To train, just select the message that was incorrectly classified and click
the "Delete as spam" or "Recover from spam" button in the toolbar.

> Is there any way that I can view my deleted spam or 
> correct it from deleting items of importance?

SpamBayes doesn't delete any messages.  Just look in your spam (Junk)
folder, and it will all be there.


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