[Spambayes] four questions about 'selfless' spam

Danny Friedmann dannyfriedmann at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 19:14:00 CET 2005


As a freelance journalist in the Netherlands, I am writing an article
about 'selfless' spam and ways to fight it. I want to ask you what
Spambayes does against this phenomenon.

1. Are there other names selfless spam (spam that wants to confuse the
filters by sending plain nonsense words) is known under?

2. Is it a big problem in the English speaking world?

3. Is Spambayes moving into a semantic analyses direction?

4. Do you know of interesting articles or white papers about it online? 

Thanks. I hope you can respond soon, because of my deadline this Wednesday. 

Danny Friedmann

John Franklinstraat 77-3
1056 TA Amsterdam

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