[Spambayes] no spam caught

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 11 02:58:52 CET 2005

[Linda Grant]
>>> Re the message scoring, here is what comes up for one spam
>>> message (the total number of spam trained is higher than four
>>> - that was just one session)
>> [...]
>>> # ham trained on: 74
>>> # spam trained on: 4

[Tony Meyer]
>> The 4 here should be a total for all time, not per session.  

[Linda Grant]
> Well it has certainly trained on more than that number of 
> spam messages, they come through in threes and fours and I 
> have done five or six trainings by now.

Then there is definitely something wrong here. How have you done the
training?  By using the "delete as spam" button, with the initial
configuration wizard, or via the "Training" tab of the SpamBayes Manager?

> I have done the check 
> you suggest and the messages are designated to be moved to 
> the junk mail file. But it isn't doing it.  

Could you please send us a copy of your log files?  They should have
information about what is happening.  The troubleshooting guide
(SpamBayes->Help->Troubleshooting Guide) has information about how to find
the logs.


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