[Spambayes] Question (Possible feature request)

Mark Vovchuk Mark at DTSOFT.com
Tue Jan 11 18:33:50 CET 2005


When is 1.1 going to be available, if I may ask? 

Also, would this ham move be able to handle the following senario?

We would like to run Outlook rules on the standard inbox.

After such, all none whitelist email will be moved by said rule to a
secondary mail folder that will have spambayes scan it.  The Spam and
Maybe Spam will still go to their respective folders, however anything
left behind is moved back into the standard inbox.

Is this something that would be possible with 1.1?

Thank you,
Mark Vovchuk
Datatech Software

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> One of my users (a programmer) wishes to know if there is a 
> possibility of adding another field to the interface that would allow 
> automated moving of mail from one folder in outlook to another.

Based on what?  If you mean moving ham like unsure & spam can be moved,
then this is already implemented and will appear in 1.1.  If you mean
based on any other rule, then no - it's much better to just use
Outlook's rule system.

If you mean something else entirely, please explain in a bit more detail
(an example would be good) and we'll try and answer again :)


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