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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 11 23:45:29 CET 2005

[Jim Mazzone]
> I have a new PC and would like to get my current config to it. 
> I found the file outlook.ini on my old pc where it was supposed
> to be, but on my new PC I do not have a Application Data\SpamBayes
> entry what config files do I need to move and to what directory.

[Amir Katz]
> It's under C:\Documents and settings\<your login name>\Application

If you haven't installed SpamBayes, or haven't opened Outlook since you
have, the SpamBayes directory won't exist yet - you can create it manually
if you like.  You can copy the outlook.ini file if you like, though the
configuration isn't really much use (there are so few options to copy, since
it's unlikely that the folder choices will still be valid on the new
machine).  If you want to copy the training data, then you want to copy the
default_bayes_database.db and default_message_database files.


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