[Spambayes] Opportunity to exchange links with PR-8 site

barkha barkha at cyfuture.com
Wed Jan 12 11:48:59 CET 2005

Hello there!
 It was great to visit your website . I would like to Propose link exchange partnership with your site
My site presently has Google Page Rank 8
 Would you consider linking...
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 We have few specifications for the links they r as follows.
The home page PR should not be zero .except for the following conditions.
·   Your   website is receiving some rankings in Google for source  keywords.

·   OR – Interior pages of your website has PageRank.

  Home page (minimum) must be in Google’s index
link should resides on the home or site map page of your site to their link page(s).  The link(s) to the link page must be spiderable by the search engines and navigable by a human visitor.  If there is no link or if the link is not spiderable, then the link is not acceptable.
Page where our link is placed should not have more than 100 links in that page.

Place our linkin your link page  if u find it worthwhile and mail us back informing us where u have placed our links.
Soon we receive our links your links will be updated in our link pages.
Thanking you
Have a great day

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