[Spambayes] default_bayes_customize.ini questions

Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 23:23:54 CET 2005

Robert Strickler wrote:
> Am I correct in assuming that disabling a feature can be accomplished
> with a ":False" suffix e.g.: "x-search_for_habeas_headers:False"?

Yes, that's correct if the option is a boolean flag.  There are other option
types that do not take a True/False value, but they will be ignored if they
are associated with a feature that has been disabled.

> Also the following config caused a failure pop-up when starting
> outlook, when I deleted the [URLRetriever] section, outlook started
> without complaint, can you tell me what might be wrong? Note, each
> line has a space prefixed to preserve formatting from Outlook
> "assistance". 
> ====================
>  [URLRetriever]
>  x-cache_expiry_days:True
>  x-cache_directory:True
>  x-web_prefix:True
> ====================

The data types for these values are incorrect.  I don't know for sure that
this will cause the Outlook error, but it is certainly reasonable that it

"x-cache_directory" should be a pathname, not a boolean.  It specifies the
directory where URLs retrieved by the slurper will be cached.

"x-cache_expiry_days" should be an integer value.  It specifies the number
of days that a cached URL will be kept.

"x-web_prefix" is a string value that defines a prefix to be added to tokens
generated from a slurped URL.  This would be used if you wanted the tokens
generated from a web page to be separate from the tokens generated from the
body of an email message.  For example, the config setting
"x-web_prefix:web:" would generate a token "spambayes" if it appears in an
email and "web:spambayes" if it appears in a slurped URL.

Kenny Pitt

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