[Spambayes] Local storage of Spam with Imap

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jan 13 02:00:11 CET 2005

> I am using SB (1.0.1), and specifically sb_imapfiler.py, and 
> have got it working satisfactorily under OS X, 10.3.7.
> I would rather not devote scarce server-side storage to the
> spam corpus, which is beginning to get pretty large. 

Note that you don't have to keep that spam around, if you don't want to.
After you've reviewed it, you can just delete it if you have no further use
for it.  The only use to SpamBayes that it can be is to retrain from
scratch, but SpamBayes ought to learn fast enough that it's not really worth
doing that these days.  I think (although I don't know for sure) that the
SpamBayes developers (with the exception of Skip, who uses tte) always start
with a fresh, rather than reconstituted, database, and only keep spam around
for testing purposes.

> Is there a way to specify a client-side folder for 
> spam storage? (and since i am running this from crontab, I would need to 
> know the -o version).

There is a "move_trained_spam_to_folder" option, which will move spam out of
the spam-to-train folder into any other one (from the command line, this
would be "-o imap:move_trained_spam_to_folder:FOLDER_NAME").  However,
unless there is a folder on the IMAP server that is client-side, this won't
be of any use.

There must be a tool around to move the contents of an IMAP folder to local
storage, though (I don't really use IMAP, so don't know of one myself).  It
would certainly be easy to write.  What you want to do is independent of
SpamBayes, so you could use any tool that would do it.


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