[Spambayes] Spambayes buttons crash Outlook 2003

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jan 13 02:07:54 CET 2005

> Success!!!  Doing a complete uninstall of Spambayes and OL2003
> has fixed the problem.

Excellent :)  Thanks for letting us know.

> Now a question.  How should I set OL2003's built in Spam filter?


 o You can just turn it off - SpamBayes ought to do a better job
   than it (appropriately trained).  Note that you can get
   SpamBayes to move spam to the Outlook "Junk Mail" folder, so
   that you can use it's extra capabilities (right-click and
   delete, and that sort of thing).

 o Alternatively, you can have it on and have a two-tier spam
   filtering system.  (OL will go first, so you'd have to get
   SpamBayes to watch the folder that OL moves spam to - that
   would mean that mail that OL thought was good would be in the
   inbox, mail that SpamBayes thought was good (but OL didn't)
   would be in the OL spam folder, mail that SpamBayes thought
   was unsure (and OL thought was spam) would be in the SpamBayes
   unsure folder, and mail that both OL and SpamBayes thought
   was spam would be in the SpamBayes folder).  With the 1.1
   SpamBayes release (final version will probably be out in
   April - an alpha release will probably be out this month)
   you can set SpamBayes to move good mail, too, so you could
   get it to put mail it thinks is good back in the inbox or

 o You could have it move suspected spam to the SpamBayes spam
   folder, or unsure folder (depending on how much you trusted it).


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