[Spambayes] Question

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jan 13 21:32:59 CET 2005

> When I "recover from Junk" it doesn't seem to filter 
> subsequent messages as non junk.  The next one from the same 
> email address goes back in to junk. 

Next time this happens, select the second messages (that was also scored
incorrectly) and choose "Show Spam Clues" from the SpamBayes menu on the
toolbar.  This will create a message with the clues that SpamBayes used to
classify the message.  You might be able to see from that why it's scoring
what it does, or you can send it on to the list and we'll try to explain it
for you.  (It should not be happening).

> Am I doing something 
> wrong or is there a setting to correct this (I know hotmail 
> lets you put a selected message on a safe list so subsequent 
> ones go in to the in box).  I was wondering, is there anyway 
> that I can mark a specific message as GOOD

You're probably referring to what is called 'whitelisting', where you mark
messages from a particular address as always good, no matter what.  FAQ 6.6
covers this:



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