[Spambayes] Starting up

Harry Sigerson harrysigerson at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 16 12:40:01 CET 2005

In article <000a01c4fb9b$76fb4d60$0501a8c0 at oemcomputer>, George Matthews wrote:
> I need help starting up Spambayes. 
> How do I change my mail client to
> connect to "localhost" instead of directly to my mail server? I downloaded
> Spambayes just a few days ago and have used all my mbox and dbx files for
> training and cant progress any further.    Help!
Hi George, 
     Harry here. 
     I do not use either Outlook or Outlook Express. 
     I am using the OLR  'Virtual Access'. 
     I've have SpamBayes running fine for quite some time. 
     As a part answer to your query and one that you may be able to match in 
which ever email agent you are using... 
     In VA I went to the drop down File menu which =>  Comms Setup   and in the 
services there selected the broadband one supplied by NTLworld.com
     That gave access to VA's   Internet Set dialogue box with its tabs for 
'Mail' and 'News'. 
     In the Mail tab there are...
Mail => Incoming mail (Pop 3) => Server => 'localhost' without the quotes goes 
there. Then in the same place...
Mail => Outgoing mail (SMTP) => Server => 'localhost' once again. 

     That is at least part of the procedure. 
     There is are good web pages on this application...
     ...this next link is called in one of the above links as "Instructions on 
installing Spambayes and integrating it into your mail system."     

     Hope you have some success with your setup of SB. 
     If you are using Outlook there is an Addin but you'll have seen that 
already during the Installation of the software when you are asked to chose 

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