[Spambayes] Possible install bug under Windows 2000.

Ira Gilbert ira_gilbert at post.harvard.edu
Sun Jan 16 13:56:11 CET 2005

I am new to SpamBayes but an experienced user of Windows 2K. I frequently test new programs and maintain a separate "sandbox" partition to evaluate those I am unsure of. When I am fairly confident of the soundness and utility of a program under test I move it to my main partition.

Yesterday I installed a copy of SpamBayes 1.0.1 to my experimental partition and encountered no problems. I rebooted and everything worked fine. Then I reinstalled it to my main partition. Again no problem. However, today when I rebooted I noted that three instances of SBTray were trying to run. Windows 2K also wanted to know what program was to be used to execute .mbox files. I quickly traced the problem to the fact that the SB installer had put the files _pop3proxyham.mbox and _pop3proxyspam.mbox in my windows startup folder, \Documents and Settings\Administrator\.Start Menu\Program Files\Startup.  I noticed that on my experimental partition they had been installed in \Program Files\SpamBayes\bin. When I moved the two .mbox files to \Program Files\SpamBayes\bin the problem was cured. It seems to me that this must be an install bug.

One possible sidelight.  When I installed SpamBayes on my main partition I used INCtrl5, as I usually do to check where everything is going and what registry mods are being made. The report shows that the following files (of 52 new files) were added: 

Files added: 52
  c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\SpamBayes Tray Icon.lnk 
  Date: 1/15/2005 8:08 AM 
  Size: 594 bytes 
  c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SpamBayes\About SpamBayes.lnk 
  Date: 1/15/2005 8:08 AM 
  Size: 697 bytes 
  c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SpamBayes\SpamBayes Tray Icon.lnk 
  Date: 1/15/2005 8:08 AM 
  Size: 594 bytes 
  c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SpamBayes\Troubleshooting Guide.lnk 
  Date: 1/15/2005 8:08 AM 
  Size: 709 bytes 

What is strange is that the two .mbox files that went to .startup instead of to .bin are NOT listed. In fact, there is NO entry regarding the .mbox files having been added at all. It is possible that this is a problem with INCtrl5 itself. But when I uninstalled SpamBayes, and then reinstalled it without running InCtrl5 the .mbox files were in the startup folder.

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