[Spambayes] tons of false positives after upgrading

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jan 17 04:20:14 CET 2005

[inconsistent database counts problem]
> It looks like you were correct, because there is a 
> statistics_database.db with a time stamp of last night, and 
> hammie.db with a timestamp from a few minutes ago.  So if it 
> switched me from statistics_database.db to hammie.db last 
> night that would make sense.

I'm convinced that this is the problem then.  This is looking like a pretty
busy week, but I'll try to make sure that 1.0.2 gets out next week, which
will take care of this.

> FYI, the "Header Options" section on the config page shows up 
> twice, once at the very bottom, and once after "SMTP Proxy Options."

That doesn't matter - sections can appear as often as they like (so can
options - later values just replace earlier ones).  Our writing code tries
to be good and lump sections together, but it doesn't always succeed,
particularly when adding a new option to an existing section (as opposed to
a new option in a new section).  Since humans rarely look at the file
(unless they manage it by hand) it shouldn't really matter.


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