[Spambayes] Can I use spambayes on a webhosting server?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 18 23:25:36 CET 2005

> We get our e-mail from several computers. Instead of
> trying to install a spam filter on each computer, I
> would like to get one filter on the server to check
> all incoming mail for the web hosted domain.
> It looks like one of the below methods might do the trick,
> but I don't know how to implement them. Any help will
> be appreciated.
> 1. Pop3proxy / sb_server
> 2. Imapfilter

Can you give us a bit more information about what you're wanting to do?

  1. What OS is the server running?

  2. Can you install anything you like on the server?

  3. Do you want a shared database (i.e. the same filtering for all users,
with all spam/unsures ending up in the same place) or a different filter for
each user?

  4. What do you use to get mail from the server?  POP3?  IMAP4?  What mail
software is the server running?

There's some information at <http://spambayes.org/server_side.html> that
might be relevant, depending on the answers to the above.  If you just want
regular client-side filtering but want to have the filter running on the
server, then just use sb_server/sb_imapfilter according to the included
instructions, but change the "Allowed remote connection" options to allow
access from the other machines.


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