[Spambayes] V1.01 not hanging on to settings??

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jan 19 01:50:25 CET 2005

Apologies for the long delay - this arrived after I left for my
Christmas/New Year break and somehow I missed replying to it after I got
back.  You may have moved on since then of course, but in case this is still
of use:

> It's doing some other twitchy stuff too-- seemed to be showing me a 
> different list of messages for review depending on what 
> method I used to bring up the review page, and which browser.

I'm now wondering if this is the result of a bug since discovered with 1.0.x
that causes options to revert to defaults if they are changed via the
configuration page, until the next time spambayes is started (at which time
the changes take effect).  That one is fixed in CVS, so will be fixed in
1.0.2 (hopefully out next week) and 1.1.

> Are there any known issues with Firefox 1.0??

No.  That's what I primarily use both to test and to manage my
mother-in-law's installation, so it's unlikely that it's Firefox related.

>> An easier way would be to put it somewhere that all users have access 
>> to, and add a global environment setting (e.g. with the System control 
>> panel) 'BAYESCUSTOMIZE' that pointed to it.
> Like that?? Or does it have to specify the file too?

File as well.  Something like
'BAYESCUSTOMIZE=d:\programs\spambayes\settings\customize.ini' or even


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