[Spambayes] Spambayes causes a 0x8004010f eror message

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jan 19 02:49:30 CET 2005

[Ran Chermesh] 
>>> Spambayes cuses the following error message on my
>>> winxp (SP2) Outlook 2003 system:
>>> Moving a message failed due to an unexpected Outlook error.
>>> Exception 0x8004010f (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND): OLE error 0x8004010f

[Tony Meyer]
> When exactly does this happen?  When you open Outlook?  When 
> SpamBayes tries to filter?  When you try and train?

[Ran Chermesh] 
> It happens quite frequently, whenever spambayes filters my 
> mail. Since I've been using the application for a long time,
> I've not tried it while training the program.

If you change (via the Filtering tab of the Manager dialog) spam and unsure
to not move but be untouched, does the problem go away?  (The messages will
stay in the Inbox, obviously, although they will be scored).  (If so then it
means that the problem is just the moving - if not, then something to do
with getting hold of the message itself).

>> What sort of store are you using?  IMAP, Hotmail, pst, Exchange?
> It's an IMAP connection.

Have you tried setting the save_spam_info option to False as described in
the troubleshooting guide?  I know that it can help with IMAP connections,
which are notoriously problematic.

>> Do you have a log file for the time this occurred?
> I attach my last four logs.

Thanks.  If save_spam_info doesn't help, then maybe we need to get Outlook
to save the IMAP4 conversation, since it seems that perhaps that is where
things are going wrong.


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