[Spambayes] Help---Still no luck running spambayes on an NT syst em??

DAR(Debbie Ruzich) dar at panduit.com
Wed Jan 19 22:34:22 CET 2005

I am having the identical problem as below. The user is not
administrator of her NT 4.0 box. The install seems to 
complete but when I reopen Outlook, the wizard never runs and toolbars
are not displayed. The tick is checked in the 
COM add-ins box. I could log on as administrator and load spambayes, but
when the user logs back on, it doesn't work.
When I load on an NT 4.0 box where the user is administrator, it works.
> I'm installing spambayes 1.0a9(0.9).  My system is NT 4.0 

> and Outlook 2000  SR-1  Version 9.

You definitely went through the entire install process?  The last page

get is one offering to let you read a welcome file and has a "Finish"

on it.

> OUTLOOK is on the D drive and called outlook, not outlook2000.

This doesn't matter.

> I found a spambayes.zip file that I extracted to same file 

> that the zip was in--c:\spambayes\lib.

This is fine left as a zip.  It may also work if the zip isn't there and

expanded files are; I'm not sure.  If the zip file is still there,


> Based on previous suggestions from the list, I've done the following:



> ITEM choice. There is none. There is are SECURITY INFO and 

> SYSTEM INFO buttons.  There is also no DISABLED ITEMS in 

> these choices.

As I said last time, this only appeared with Outlook 2002, and will not

there for Outlook 2000.  Did you try looking in the COM add-ins list?

Instructions, as before:


Try going to the Tools menu, then Options, then the Other tab, then

the Advanced Options button, then the COM add-ins button, and see if

SpamBayes is listed there.  (If it's listed but not ticked, then tick it

OK your way out of the dialogs).


> 2.  Looked for a spambayes.log on either my C or D drive. It 

> is on neither. Installed Spambayes on both the C and D drive 

> (at different times). It is currently on C.

I can't think of any reason that there wouldn't be a log file if the

completed.  The file will be called spambayes1.log, and will be in

your temp directory is (I can't recall if NT has a shared temp folder,

one per user).  There may also be other ones (spambayes2.log, and so on,

to 5, where 1 is the most recent).  As you absoltely sure that it's not

there?  If so, then it's most likely that the install did not complete,

the problem must be very early on (although it's very odd that there
were no


=Tony Meyer


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