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Mathew Hendry TJLWBECGSGWU at spammotel.com
Thu Jan 20 03:27:13 CET 2005

"Jones, Larry" <LJones at Lithonia.com> wrote in
<A3C9F5BE94229E41A9E92C2A31443018536323 at hyd-exchange.acuitylightinggroup.com>:

>Is there any way to have the Spam mail forwarded to a different address.  My
>Internet provider is supposed to be collecting this data for some good
>purpose and I would like to be able to forward anything that hits the SPAM
>folder autmatically.

What version of SpamBayes are you using? If it's the Outlook plugin, you
could use one of the tools recommended here:


Follow the links near the bottom of the page; most of the stuff above that
is SpamCop specific, but the importance of forwarding the mail intact, with
full headers, is probably just as high for whatever system your ISP is
running. If you look around elsewhere on that site, there are
recommendations for similar programs for other mail clients. For Outlook, I
use SpamSource, which makes the process as simple as multi-selecting a bunch
of spam and pressing a button to report them all at once. It then
automatically moves them to another folder, so I don't report them again by

It would probably be a bad idea to automate the process entirely, because
you might end up reporting some non-spam.

-- Mat.

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