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You're describing features of the Outlook add-in. The problem is that
Outlook Express is not a version of Outlook despite the similar name. There
is a POP3 Proxy and an IMAP filter version of SpamBayes that can be used
with Outlook Express, but the user interface is through your Web browser.
The POP3 Proxy application is available in the same binary installer as the
Outlook add-in, but if you use IMAP then you would need to run the IMAP
filter from source.
See FAQ 2.1:
Kenny Pitt


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I am using Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP. I installed SpamBayes but
nothing really happened when I run Outlook. . Then I tried to make the Spam
column visible in Outlook. I followed your instructions from "About
SpamBayes" html document. In the section Viewing and Using the Spam Score
Field in first bulletin, when I right click on the requested filed the
"context" menu does not pop-up. Hence, I can not make the SpamBayes field
visible. Do you know what is the problem?
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