[Spambayes] SpamBayes with Thunderbird??

Jane Pearson jek5311 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 05:32:26 CET 2005

I started using Spambayes last year with Outlook (installed with the
Outlook plugin). Have been extremely pleased with it.  Within days, no
false spam, very few suspect (which usually are spam).
\However, I have recently switched to Thunderbird (and Firefox).  So
far I'm not thrilled with TB, one thing disappointing is their "spam
filter" which is lousy.  (Also poor spell-check)  I thought maybe I
could use it with SpamBayes, which I know works.  So downloaded again
and iinstalled for pop3 account (My home service is earthlink).

I don't see a way to train SpamBayes this time.  (I did so on a folder
full of junk in Outlook, and it worked great!)  On the info page it
has something about a mbox or something for OE, but I have no idea if
I shoudl have this, is it a file and where might it be??
Also, with Outlook, I had SpamBayes icons on the toolbar and it added
Spam and Suspect  folders.  None turned up in Thunderbird.

Is there somewhere I shoulld be doing more to set this up, or is this
just incompatible with Thnderbird??
Thanks much for any assistance/advice.

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